Originally from Ohio, J.D. graduated from Rollins College where he currently teaches documentary filmmaking as a professor of Critical Media & Cultural Studies.

Outside of the classroom, J.D. and his camera can be seen around Central Florida documenting political rallies, capturing concerts and events, and photographing models.

J.D. is an active member of Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ activist community. His photos documenting Orlando’s recovery following the Pulse Tragedy have been seen all around the world and currently surround the Pulse Nightclub at the OnePulse Foundation’s interim memorial.

Most recently, his work has been published nationally by Them.Us, and locally by Hot Spots! Central Florida and at the Orange County History Center’s exhibit, “Another Year Passes: Orlando After the Pulse Nightclub Massacre.”

Proving that you can, in fact, be everywhere at once, J.D.'s life can be summed up in one sentence, "Sleep? Sleep is overrated."